Habbbatussauda or Nigella sativa may offer immune-boosting and antioxidant benefits.

In herbal medicine, a natural substance known as nigella sativa is sometimes used to treat certain health conditions. Also called black seed, black cumin and fennel flower, nigella sativa grows throughout India, Arabia, and Europe and has long been used as a spice and food preservative. While research on nigella sativa’s health effects is limited, findings from animal studies show that nigella sativa may offer immune-boosting and antioxidant benefits. Uses for Nigella Sativa Nigella sativa is typically touted as a natural remedy for these health problems: asthma, bronchitis, high blood pressure inflammation, migraine, rheumatoid arthritis.

The available research suggests that nigella sativa holds promise for treatment and/or prevention of the following conditions:

  1. Asthma, Nigella sativa may help ease symptoms of asthma, according to a small study published in 2007. For three months, 29 adults with asthma took either a placebo or a nigella sativa extract daily. Study results showed that those treated with nigella sativa had significantly greater improvements in the frequency and severity of asthma symptoms (such as wheezing).
  2. High Blood Pressure In a small study published in 2008, researchers found that nigella sativa may help keep blood pressure in check. After eight weeks of twice-daily treatment with nigella sativa extract, patients with mild hypertension had a greater reduction in blood pressure (compared to those assigned to a placebo supplement).
  3. Pancreatic Cancer Findings from test-tube research indicate that nigella sativa may help hinder the development of pancreatic cancer. In a series of lab tests, scientists discovered that thymoquinone (the chief constituent of nigella sativa oil) significantly reduced levels of pro-inflammatory compounds found in pancreatic tumors.

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